Terms and Conditions

Buying a Coffee Roaster

Terms and conditions on roasters cover both the acquisition and the warranty.


Buying a roaster is a very specific undertaking.  Each person has specific likes and requirements all of which might not be fitted to a particular model.  We acquire our roasters from China and Korea.  The industrial roaster machines are modeled on well-know counter parts from elsewhere in the world and are consequently not brand-names.  The smaller (sample) Gene Cafe roasters are authentically branded products from Genesis in Korea.  However, our roasters are prestigious and quality products in their own right.  The advantage of our industrial roasters is the price : quality ratio.  Buying such a roaster from us would most probably imply that you order it from a catalogue, pay a deposit, and allow us to import it on your behalf.  This is a scary event to anyone.  We have done it a few times and we are well versed with the know-how.  The only barrier is that you have to overcome your fear by trusting that we can deliver on what we claim we can.  We can help you with this by providing reference sites of people who own our roasters, so feel free to demand this.

Import Process

Importing a roaster is either fulfilled on order (after payment) or has a manufacturing lead-time.  Assure yourself of this before ordering.  The transaction is subservient to the ZAR/ USD exchange rate of First National Bank.  The Forex transaction is based on the exchange rate at the time the wire transfer is made to pay for the roaster.  When you order a roaster we quote you a price that is inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT) of 15%.  This should hold true on the exchange rate for the quote.


Ordering is affected on accepting the quote within its validity period, by paying a deposit of 60%.

This deposit is to ensure that you honour the contract, as we would have committed money towards the import by paying the manufacturer and any default would result in a cost to us.  The contract is binding on payment to the supplier.  Fraud is more than a possibility in South Africa and we have fallen prey to scams before that cost us dearly.

If you decide to default, we will levy a fee as follows*:

  • Within the first 2 days: 20% of the deposit
  • Within 5 days: 75% of the deposit
  • Within 7 days: 100% of the deposit

* Where a lead time applies, it depends on how far the manufacturer has extended themselves as to how much of the deposit would be taken. There is some room under this dispensation for a more favourable outcome to you.


Shipping is contracted CIF (Cost Insurance and Freight) and the risk is bourne by the seller up to point of disembarkation.

Shipping can be delayed as a result of:

  • Re-routing to offload at ports en-route
  • Stops by Navy or other governing agents
  • Storms or disasters at sea
  • Queuing at port of disembarkation

Loading onto the ship takes about seven days from when the roaster is ready.  The ship has a scheduled sailing date that is about one ship a week.

Upon loading, a waybill and proforma invoice are telexed/ couriered to the Customs and Clearing Agency in South Africa.  These people are responsible for expediting the roaster once it arrives at the port of disembarkation.

On presentation of waybill, we require another 30% of the roaster’s purchase price to be paid over.  In the event of a total loss of goods due to a loss of cargo, the result of the marine insurance recovery will determine the disbursement amounts and/ or the re-order with the supplier to honour the delivery to you.

Clearing and Forwarding

Once the roaster arrived at the port of disembarkation it enters South African Customs.  Removal cost, duties, and VAT are payable. The Clearing and Forwarding agent expedites this.  We pay them for their services and they ensure that SARS are paid the VAT.

The cargo, once it is removed from the ship, is not covered by the CIF (Cost Insurance and Freight) marine insurance.

  • This burden is the owner’s responsibility.
  • If you have ordered a roaster, insurance is your choice from this point onward.
  • If the roaster is being financed through a bank or other financial institution, it is mandatory to take out insurance.

The process of clearing the roaster is about five days.  Once the Clearing and Forwarding agent has removed the roaster from Customs they either deliver it to our business address or directly to you, depending on the arrangement, but by default door-to-door.  The balance of payment, i.e. 10% is payable on delivery.

Buying a Roaster from Stock

When a roaster is in stock it is on South African soil and is not liable for any importation and custom fees.  However, this roaster may or may not be in its original crate or packaging.  Where it is, no pre-delivery inspection has been done and it is received voetstoots from us.  Irrespective, we still would honour the Manufacturer’s Warranty for twelve months.  Where a pre-delivery inspection is performed, we’ll endeavour to tighten all bolts, fix minor errors, and present the roaster in as good a condition as possible.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

The manufacturer of the roaster usually extends us a twelve month failure of parts as a result of manufacturing warranty.  This is generally honoured and replacement parts are shipped on request by courier within a week or despatched from stock, where possible.  Despite this, you should be aware that buying  roaster from us does not come with a road-side assistance or maintenance plan.  Those things cost a lot of money and by purchasing from us you have decided to by a generally good roaster, not an absolute hand-holding guarantee through every step of your roasting endeavour.  For the Gene Cafe products, we have a reporting of errors and warranty replacement of failing parts with Genesis in Korea.  These machines have a one year manufacturer’s warranty on failure of parts.

Many of the parts that may provide wear or become faulty are available locally and can be replaced by someone with rudimentary mechanical/ electrical skills.  However, it is advised that when working with the roaster you rather obtain the assistance of a qualified artisan of the respective capability, viz. electrical, mechanical, or gas.  Making any adjustment or repairs to a Gene Cafe roaster yourself would invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.  We offer a walk-in repair service for in and out of warranty with reciprocal shipping of the unit back to you, free shipping.

For popular parts, we may carry stock and we would be listing those on our web site.  Those that are not listed, we would import directly within a set time.  This time may not be instantaneous but would also not be months on.