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Who is Bean Rush Coffees

Certificate Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee

Coffee Love

My love for coffee was kindled in Melbourne Australia.  I can’t say that Melbourne has the best cafes in the world.  Who has been everywhere to know?  However, one could pick a spot along the Yarra and be in the vibe of the city’s young, small-business operated, personal coffee world.  It’s loaded with start-up energy and you can get stuck in stacks of coffee choices.

I liked it so much that I completed a TAFE barista qualification in 2004.  Making and serving espresso-based coffees.  Since then coffee experimented its way into my life.  The business Bean Rush Coffees opened its eyes to a waiting world.

The Coffee Industry

It is an industry that proffers many a coffee aficionado.    Everyone has an opinion and they know what they want.  This is in the same vein the boon of being in the coffee industry, but also the bane.

Whatever coffee is to you, it is an exiting beverage, attracting so much attention and energy.  Drunk in most global cities and offices.  Made with gusto and ritual.  Made in accordance with unknowable scientific methods involving beans from mysterious origins and cultivars.  People of all creeds congregate to celebrate in verbiage over this humble drink from the Eastern parts of Africa.

Bean Rush Coffees

Who is Bean Rush Coffees?  My Melbourne impressions flow into each cup.  Ranging that melange of Greek and Italian influence of city’s coffee culture.  Do you like your espresso, macchiato, flat-white, long-black, latte, or would you like a ristretto?  Take a tram up Queen-street back to the office on Little-Collins, cup in hand, sipping a little Melbourne on a crisp, drizzling, winters-morning, watching the cars make a hook-turn at some of the busy intersections.

Like the gold rush on Johannesburg’s Witwatersrand, the Bean Rush came to South Africa in the early 2000s and the wave has gained momentum of proportion since.

Cape Town

To me, Cape Town is the South African coffee equivalent of Melbourne Australia.  The culture is tangible in served coffee and its converting South Africa into socially engaging spirits with the common coffee commodity.  Answering: who is Bean Rush Coffees…

Bean Rush Coffees is a sub-component of this coffee machine and is contributing to the pleasure of the bean and the spirit of the rush.v