Gene Cafe Sample Roaster CBR-101

The Gene Cafe CBR-101 has established itself as an excellent roaster capable of loading 300g of unroasted coffee beans per sample roast, producing uniformly roasted coffee.  Suitable for both the novice, and experienced coffee roaster.  The intuitive controls of time and temperature–with full-view glass chamber–allow for a simple out-of-the-box sample roasting experience.  More seasoned roasters will love the consistency of the CBR-101 and will be able to fine tune desired roast profiles by roasting these small sample roasts to experiment with.  The CBR-101 uses a unique vortex twisting, off-axis chamber rotation which assures complete distribution of the green coffee during roasting, and consistent roasting results.

Update: New batch of Gene Cafe CBR-101 roasters is in Cape Town customs since 22 June 2018.  NRCS has placed the current batch in embargo.  We are presently with Test Africa for IEC/ LOA certification.  This has a lead time of 120 days from 15 October 2018.  We’ll be in a position to market the Gene Café roaster after this date.

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Product Overview

Gene Cafe Sample Roaster CBR-101 is established as an excellent and capable sample coffee roaster.  Roast small sample batches of about 250-300 g per roast in 15-20 minutes.  It uses a off-axis roasting chamber with a vortex of hot air circulating the green beans being roasted evenly distributed to produce a consistent roast.

Manufacturer and Origin

Gene Cafe CBR-101 Sample Roaster is manufactured by Genesis in Korea.  This roaster is imported to South Africa by Laroussco Trading (Pty) Ltd and sold by Bean Rush Coffees.


Functional Overview

The control panel allows for an automated experience, yet delivers enough ability to adjust and control the roast for individual preferences.  Time and temperature exposure to the beans to distribute heated air of between 190-250 C over the roasting time of around 15-23 minutes.  The heating element is energised by a 1200-1400 Watt electricity.  Cooling is  performed after reaching a complete roast by passing ambient air for about 10 minutes.  User intervention is possible to force the cooling cycle, providing the roast-master with absolute control over quality.

Gene Cafe CBR-101 Sample Roaster has a quiet operation (65 dB) with overheat protection.  It produces a moderate quantity of smoke, after passing the air vortex via the chaff-collector to catch the silver-skins during the roasting process.  A rudimentary foil-coil (air conditioning pipe) can be attached and placed in a window opening to discharge smoke outside.

Roasting Profiles

Gene Cafe CBR-101 Sample Roaster is all about the sample batch roasting profile.  The Gene Cafe roaster provides the ability to achieve every roast profile in sample-sized batches.  For convenience sake, this is very advantageous where a high degree of variability is required during experimentation with different varietals and roast profiles.  Gene Cafe achieves this kind of versatility effortlessly.

What is in the Box

Gene Cafe CBR-101 Sample Roaster is comprised of:

  1. Sample Roaster
  2. Roasting Chamber
  3. Chaff Collector (expelled silver-skins)
  4. Brush
  5. Chamber Stand
  6. Measuring Cup (100 g)
  7. Owner’s Manual

Operating Conditions and Care

Gene Cafe CBR-101 Sample Roaster is a sample coffee roaster and is suited to experiment with different coffee origins, roasts, or to roast coffee for personal sampling and experimental cupping and to allow cafe customers to experience small private roasts.

Care should be taken not to apply this roaster as a commercial roaster, e.g. roasting coffee to supply a cafe or coffee shop. This roaster should not be run continually for hours as it puts undue strain and wear on a product not intended to this purpose.

Using the roaster outside of its primary purpose puts undue strain and wear on the chaff-blade cushion, casing it to overhead and perish sooner.

WARNING: This roaster uses heat. It can be dangerous if you are not familiar with this.  Do not place hands or other combustible materials on the heated parts of the machine.  Do not put the machine in a constricted, badly ventilated area, or within proximity of combustible gases, etc. This might result in a potentially uncontrolled combustion that may hurt someone or destroy items (if not the roaster) in the process.

During operation the roasting chamber becomes quite hot to the touch, even after the cooling cycle.  The chamber stand provides a coaster on which to place the drum prior to charging it with a successive roast.

During the roasting process, silver-skins are expelled from the bean surface and transported by the air vortex into the chaff-box.  This requires periodic cleaning by removing chaff from the chaff-box portal.

The lid is simple slid off to reveal the chamber and allow the extraction of the chaff.

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