Brazilian Unroasted-Coffee

Brazilian Santos Bourbon is Brazil’s best well known Specialty Coffee.  This Brazilian Santos Bourbon unroasted coffee classification is characterised by a coffee that is dry-processed (dried inside the fruit) with a colour ranging from greenish blue to yellowish.  The cup taste is usually low acid with a good body and a clean strictly soft cup with no hard or off taints. At times they can be sweet (from the fruit carried into the bean), almost nutty in the cup, this depends on the region in Brazil.

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Brazil Unroasted-Coffee Expectations

Brazil Green Arabica Coffee Beans produces a soft coffee, low acidity, and bitter-sweet chocolate tastes with nutty and aromatic wood notes, low-key fruits (peach/ raisin/ apricot).  Brazil produces over 40% of the world’s coffee and growing elevations are moderate (800-1200m) , yielding the bright yet understated acidity with a smooth mouth feel.  Brasil is increasingly experimenting with the pulped natural or honey method of processing.  The skins are removed allowing the fruit pulp to stay and dry on the bean. This adds a bit of character to the taste in contrast to the fully washed (wet processed) yielding a clean, bright cup.  Darker roasts also brings out the chocolate pungency with cedar and almond.

Coffee in Brasil is mechanically stripped from the bush and results in some unevenly ripe cherries being included in the harvest.  The trees are also grown in grassland, i.e. non-volcanic soil, being less than ideal for specialty coffee.  Coffee is produced in very large quantities and is considered commercial grade.  Brazilian coffee is excellent as a base for blending.  However, certain coffees from Brasil with an altered roast, can be good by themselves, as a single origin.

The three growing regions in Brasil are Mogiana (the oldest) on the border of Sao Paulo and Minas Gerias, famous for rounded coffees, produced from its rich red soil.  Brasil grows varietals Bourbon, Typica, Caturra, Catuai, Catimor, Maragoguype, and others.  Of all the coffees growing in these regions, Brazilian Santos Bourbon is Brazil’s best well known Specialty Coffee.

Brazil Unroasted-Coffee Gradings

The best of Brasil is traded as Santos, a port through which these coffees are traditionally shipped, with 2 being the highest grade.  These are of the Bourbon varietal and is naturally processed.  Sul Minas are rolling rolling hills in the south of Minas Gerias, northeast of Sao Paulo, in the heart of Brasil.  The Cerrado is a high and semi-arid plateau, mid between Sao Paulo aned Brasilia and is a newer growing region.  Its clear and dry weather promotes good harvest conditions and produces better quality beans and consequent coffee quality.

Brazilian Santos Bourbon is a light bodied coffee, with low acidity, a pleasing aroma and a mild, smooth flavor. Brazilian Santos Bourbon is dry-processed (dried inside the fruit) which is why some of the sweetness of the fruit carries into the cup.

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