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Shipping Cost

Complete your order with the most appropriate shipping option and cost.

Shipping is the cost of moving your order to a delivery address of your choice. Calculating shipping, the product’s dimensions and weight, as well as the address, are taken into consideration. A service provider performs the delivery. Bean Rush Coffees or a courier company can be the provider.

This web site connects to the shipping company and retrieves its cost for your delivery. This is done on the check-out page based on your delivery address and the size of your shipment.

Checkout Fields to Complete

On the checkout page, two address types are presented. The Billing Address and an optional Delivery Address. Toggle the check-box is toggled to deactivate the Delivery Address (to be the same as the Billing Address ) so that this singular address functions as the only address for you.

The shipping service provider, e.g. The Courier Guy provides a service to this web site. An Internet call, when the Suburb field (A) of the Delivery Address is completed, is made to the shipping cost table. Together with the package dimensions and weight, the address is used to retrieve the correct shipping fee options, as depicted in (C) on the image.

NOTE: Only one address links its Suburb field the shipping company. By default, it is the Deliver Address, unless you opted to deselect the check-box (B). Then the Billing Address becomes both Billing and Shipping in the context.

The shipping options, in this case, by The Courier Guy, depicted in C on the picture below, provide several options that may be chosen. To choose the most appropriate one, based on your shipping requirements, is simply to select the corresponding radio-button, as shown in (C) on the picture.

Physical Shipment

The shipping is consequently done by the shipping service provider in accordance with their service levels. A waybill number is used to track the parcel. The Courier Guy provides a tracking service, Track and Trace.

NOTE: By default, parcels are not insured and liability transfers to the buyer once the parcel is handed over to the shipping service provider. Insurance is optional but has to be arranged and paid for in addition to the quoted shipping cost.

Shipping checkout
Shipping checkout